Welcome to The Post Route, your new favorite email about the NFL.

We’re three former SB Nation NFL staffers—Ryan Van Bibber, Sarah Hardy, and Christian D'Andrea—who made a boatload of good content over at the old digs and had a lot of fun working together. We’re also fans, and we’d love it if you would, as an ancient branding exercise once said, “come fan with us.”

What is The Post Route?

It’s a thrice-weekly (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) look at the trends and details that shape each professional football season. While the NFL media world has improved substantially since we first started on this beat, industry consolidation means there’s a gap in coverage. Our goal is fill that space. We'll bring analysis, reactions, and a healthy dose of fun and schadenfreude, when necessary, to a sport that can take itself way too seriously. Most importantly, we're here to cast a light on two important things; the stuff that makes us love this game... and the stuff that makes us hate it.

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We'll be publishing throughout the 2020 NFL season, as long as it may last, and beyond. Please join us!