Spoiler alert: a lot of wide receivers and offensive linemen are included.
Some teams went big to bring in a new face (like the Broncos), while others hope their draft picks pay off (like the Patriots).
This year's draft put Zach Wilson in a position to succeed, did the opposite for Justin Fields, and had some people (not me!) grumpy about guest…
There seems to be less buzz surrounding the draft this year. But that could mean we're in for more surprises.
Haskins had a cannon for an arm and a megawatt smile that lit up every locker room he entered. He was also more than just a football player.
Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes that's a bad thing ...
Russell Wilson and Carson Wentz have new homes, the number of available WRs is dwindling, Tom Brady is back like Freddy Krueger.
The problem isn't Calvin Ridley but the league's own hypocrisy.
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